Does TV Have A Liberal Bias

A recent book, Bias, by a CBS insider Bernard Goldberg, sets out to document how the media regularly distorts the news with a liberal bias. Goldberg makes some persuasive arguments.TV Viewer, He points out, for example, that a 1996 study showed that most journalists were Democrats. Eighty-nine percent of them voted for a Democrat for President (generally considered liberal) compared to 43 percent of the general population.

From the standpoint of many conservatives TV news tends to be liberal because it features stories on gay rights, civil rights abuses, antiwar demonstrations, women’s rights, environmental issues, etc. — all seen as being liberal causes.

But, from the standpoint of some liberals television is conservative because it’s seen as being pro-business, without giving adequate time to alternative, non-mainstream views.

These arguments primarily surface in how news is covered.

News Bias

When it comes to news, people show a preference for “news they agree with.” This preference translates into ratings, which, of course, translates into profits.

Thus, there has been a recent emphasis on moving to a more selective, conservative tone in newscasts. Since this is best exemplified by FOX News, we’ll spent a bit of time here examining that popular source of news.

FOX vs. CNN liberal bias FAIR, a liberal media watchdog group tabulated five months of two of the most popular TV news discussion shows — Special Report with Brit Hume on FOX, and Wolf Blitzer Reports on CNN.

Both programs featured Republican guests (generally considered conservative) more often than Democratic guests (generally considered to be more liberal).

But, as shown here, the FOX News channel favored Republicans by a margin of about 8:1.

The same survey showed that FOX News featured white guests 93 percent of the time and male guests 91 percent of the time. According to the Nielsen Company, more than 95 percent of FOX News viewers are white.


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