Liberals and Government Programs

Liberals favor government-funded programs that address inequalities that they view as having derived from historical discrimination. Liberals believe that prejudice and stereotyping in society can hamper the opportunities for some citizens.

Some people would see liberal bias in an article or book that seems sympathetic to and appears to lend support to government programs that assist poor and minority populations.

Terms such as “bleeding hearts” and “tax and spenders” refer to progressives’ support of public policies that are designed to address perceived unfair access to health care, housing, and jobs.

How do you know if a media presentation or book has a liberal bias?

Every person’s opinion of what constitutes liberal thought is a little different from every other person’s. As demonstrated above, the term liberal means open to all. When critics claim that the press is too liberal, for instance, they are claiming that the press is voicing a view that is too far outside their own views, or outside traditional views (remember that conservatives value tradition).

One of the most prevalent issues that causes political tension between the ideologies is gay rights. When the press covers a gay pride parade and is not critical of homosexuality, a more conservative viewer might think that the media’s coverage has a liberal slant. They would perceive, therefore, that the press conveys that homosexuality is acceptable.


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